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Lcdeer is your choice for new product designs because we have the over 15 years experience, expertise, and equipment to create custom LCD solutions that meet your requirements and expectations. We can handle any challenge, from prototyping to mass production, and deliver high-quality products on time and on budget. 

Design Your Custom LCD Solution

Our engineering team begins by delving deeply into your project, becoming intimately familiar with the product, knowing the specifications, parameters, and end-use application. With this information, we may define or create the optimum LCD display. whether it is a segment LCD, a character LCD, a graphic LCD, a color LCD screen, or a completely custom LCD display solution. (Process for Custom LCD Solution.PDF)

Type of Custom LCD

Segment LCD

Segment LCD is a type of LCD display that consists of fixed segments that can be turned on or off to form characters or symbols. It is commonly used for simple and low-power applications, such as calculators, clocks, thermometers, and meters.

  • Low power consumption
  • Low piece price
  • Low tooling price
  • High contrast
  • Sunlight readable
  • Wide temperature rating

Character LCD

Character LCD is a type of LCD display that uses predefined characters to display text on a grid of rows and columns. Each character is formed by a matrix of dots or segments that can be turned on or off. It can display different languages, symbols, and custom characters depending on the character set and font used.

  • Wide variety of off the shelf items ranging from 8×1 to 40×4 characters
  • Multiple size and color options available
  • Quick and easy programming
  • Low power consumption
  • Fully customizable
  • Character set and font

Graphic LCD

Graphic LCD is a type of display module that can show pixel-based images and graphics. Unlike character LCDs that have fixed segments, graphic LCDs can control each pixel individually. This allows for more flexibility and creativity in displaying monochrome images. They are widely used in industrial, medical, automotive, gaming and other applications that require graphical user interfaces.

  • Wide variety of off the shelf sizes and resolutions
  • Multiple size and color options available
  • Ability to display fully changeable graphics
  • Low power consumption
  • Fully customizable


COG (Chip on Glass) LCD is a type of LCD technology where the controller chip used to drive the LCD is mounted directly onto the LCD glass. This reduces the size and cost of the display module, as it does not require a PCB. It can be either character or graphic, and have various options for polarizer, backlight color, interface and resolution. 

  • Wide variety of off the shelf sizes about character and graphic.
  • Multiple size and color options available
  • More cost-effective
  • Low power consumption
  • Applications of require compact 
  • Fully customizable

Our Manufacturing Capabilities

Once the type of display is determined:

  1. The proper glass type and backlight are then taken into account as our team designs the best graphic display pixel format.
  2. Our team will then create a unique electrical and mechanical interface for your LCD display, designing in any additional components your project might require, such as controllers, converters, or touch-sensitive displays.
  3. In order to remove inefficiencies and redundancies among the connections in your finished product, we are able to merge extra components, including printed circuit boards, into the assembly if necessary. This lowers the total cost of manufacturing.


Lcdeer knows the custom LCD display manufacturing process, so you don’t have to, to get the perfect solution for your product.

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